Friday, April 5, 2013

Math Word Problem Game and a Freebie!

Second graders need lots of practice counting coins.  We play the game SCOOT every few weeks to review counting coins.  Each student has a counting mat and coins.  They put coins out on the mat and count to get a total.  The desks are numbered, so the student writes down their answer next to the number of desk they are sitting.  When the student finishes, he stands up behind his chair.  When everyone is standing, I say "SCOOT" and the students go to the next desk. For example, if they were just at desk 6, they go to desk 7. Here are some pictures of my class playing money scoot.

We have played time scoot too.  I just finished a Common Core Aligned Word Problem Scoot.  It is in my Teacher's Pay Teacher's Store and you can see it here.  Just print the word problem cards, laminate, and copy the answer recording sheet for your students.  This answer sheet can be used with any scoot game. You can get the answer sheet for free by clicking here!   
Page 2 is here.
  Sorry it is two pages...I'm still learning how to do this! :)  I hope you will try the game with your students.  My class loves this game!  I think I'll use it with some reading comprehension things too! If you try it, please let me know how it worked! I would love to hear about your classroom!


  1. We just found you!!! Your money game looks so fun and perfect for hands-on practice with Common Core Standards. We will definitely be stopping by your TPT store!

    Happy Spring!☺
    Victoria & Tricia♥

  2. Thanks! My kids love SCOOT! I just wrote a math word problem scoot. If you play money scoot, let me know how your kids like it!

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