Monday, April 22, 2013

Number Sequence Freebie!

I always do a few things to get us warmed up for our math lesson. One game that we like to play is Number Mix Up....I know, not a great title, but this is how it works.  I had 4 sheets of numbers. Each sheet has 6 numbers on it. I run each page on a different color so that they are color coded and then laminate them.  So, I give out a number card to each student.  They have to find the other kids who have the same color as they do. Then, I tell them to get in order from least to greatest, or greatest to least...I switch it up.  Here's the kicker...THEY CAN'T TALK while they are doing this.  That part was really hard for them at first.  I taught them to use their body motion with their hands.  It's fun to definitely see leaders emerge and other kids who think they should always be the boss! Ha!  Anyway, they love this game. Here are some pictures of us playing.
Here are the number cards.

                                                         Students walk around and find others who have their same color.

Now they put themselves in the order that I called out...either least to greatest, or greatest to least.
They hold their numbers up when they are in order and I check them.
When we are all finished, I tell them to switch their card with someone and make
new groups.
After we did numbers, we used my money matching cards and students had to find the student with their match.

You should try these games.  The kids love them!  I've attached the templates for the number cards for you for FREE HERE!  All you do is copy each page on a different color, laminate and cut apart and start playing!  Let me know how you like it!


  1. Great games for second graders! I love how the color-coding makes the group size manageable.

    The Math Maniac

    1. Thanks Tara. The no talking part was the hardest for my chatty group! :)