Friday, January 3, 2014

Snowmen, Winter Writing, Free Books to Read Online and It's A Long Time Until Summer!

Well it seems that Christmas break was oh so short.  It was back to school on Thursday. The kids seemed to be in a coma.....I also felt like I was in a coma...especially when we went to lunch at 11:00....I was still in my pj's almost every day at 11:00 on break!!  So anyway, if we were at school, we would get right to work!  So we did.  We needed to decorate our room for winter so we started with these snowmen.  I think I've made these every year that I have taught and they always look so pretty hanging in the room.  It amazes me at how kids don't really know how to draw these days!  I showed them how to draw the snowman first and then they got to work.  Here is how they turned out.

Now it can snow!  Speaking of snow, we started writing a story before Christmas break that I wanted to put in the hallway.  The topic was to pretend that your snowman came alive.  We read the books Snowmen at Christmas and Snowmen at Night.  If you don't have these books, go to  Both of these books are on there and you can project them and read them to your class.  After we read the stories, we brainstormed some ideas of what we thought our snowman could do when he/she came to life.  Their stories turned out great!  Here is a look at them.

This writing is part of my Winter Writing Pack.  It contains the snowman topic which is a narrative, a persuasive topic and an informational topic.  Each topic has a planner, writing paper and a craft to go with the finished product.  Here is a look at the entire unit.
You can see it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking HERE!
We also worked on some New Year's Writing.  We wrote our New Year's Resolutions and made a cute party hat to go with them. 

We finished today by writing "All About Me In 2014".   And "If I Lived In An Igloo".

Phew!  The past two days were very busy, but we got lots of things finished. 
January can be long!  It's a long time until Summer!  I would love to hear some things that you do to make the winter fun for the kids!  Any behavior incentives?  New and exciting things to do with the kids?  Send some feedback!  I would love to try some new things.
I hope your start back to school goes smoothly....and oh yea,...summer's coming!!!!