Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Free Christmas Activities- Twelve Days of Freebies- Day 11

I can't believe there are only 2 more days!  I'm ready for vacation.  I know you are too.  I am almost ready for January 5.  I just need to put my reading and math center activities in my center baskets and I'll be ready to go on Friday at 3:00!!  Todays freebie may help you get ready for your first day back as well.  This is a math practice sheet that covers place value. it looks like this:
Click HERE to download the freebie.  Please leave some feedback!  Hang on! Vacation is in sight!
Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Free Christmas Activity- 12 Days of Freebies-Day 10

The excitement is so thick in my school and my classroom that I think you could cut it with a knife!  The kids are so excited and to be honest, I'm so excited too!  And do you know what?  You are excited too!  I try to keep everything on normal schedule before holidays at school.  It seems to help to keep the same routine.  I worry about some kids and if they will have a good Christmas.  I hope that the time they spend with me each day, that they know they are loved and valued.  I tend to be too serious sometimes, so especially this week, I will do my best to overlook the giggling, squealing, hopping, skipping, leaping, wiggling, whispering, and non-stop talking! 
So, on to January.  Todays freebie is from my Jiffy Journal pack.  It is a collection of 20 journal prompts for each month of the school year.  You cut out the box and the kids glue it into their journal.  It is easy and saves paper!  Here is a look at the freebie.
To download the freebie, click HERE!  I hope you like this.  Leave me some feedback!
Sunday, December 14, 2014

Free Christmas Activity- 12 Days of Freebies- Day 9

We are on the home stretch!  One week until break.  My last four freebies are going to be things you can use in January.  I hope you find these helpful. Todays freebie is a January Word Work Page.  This would be great in a center or for class or homework.  It looks like this:
To get your free copy, click HERE!   So, have a great week with your kids.  Show them love and grace.  Try to remember how it was to be a kid at Christmas....even though we will probably be scraping them off of the ceiling this week!  Haha....Leave me some feedback please!!! 
Thursday, December 11, 2014

Free Christmas Activity- 12 Days of Freebies- Day 8

Here we are already on Day 8 of the 12 Days of Freebies!  If you have missed any, be sure to go back and download the other 7 freebies.  Todays freebie is a math game to get kids thinking about numbers.  They need a paper clip and a copy of the game below.  Students use their pencil and a paper clip to make a spinner.  They spin and get 3 numbers.  Then they make the largest and smallest number they can make from these three numbers. Finally they tell if the largest number they made is odd or even.  Here is a look at the freebie.

If you want to get the freebie, click HERE! 
It's THURSDAY, or Friday Eve! Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Free Christmas Activities- Twelve Days of Freebies- Day 7

I love to watch the kids jump into cutting when they are working on a cut and paste activity.  It never fails too that someone cuts the corner off of their square or cuts on the wrong line and it completely ruins their world for a moment.  I whip out the scotch tape and fix it right up too!  The freebie for today is a rhyming word cut and paste.  Everyone needs a copy of the first page. The second page has the squares that they cut out and there are two sets on one page  so copy one for every two students.  They can color once they match up everything and glue it down.  This makes a great center activity or a fun class activity. This page is part of my December Printables package that is in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  It has 10 English/Language Arts printables and 10 Math printables.  These aren't just plain ole' worksheets.  Most of these are spinner games or cut and paste activities.  You can see the entire pack by clicking HERE.
Here is a look at the cut and paste.

I hope your kids enjoy this!  If you download the freebie, please leave me some feedback! Also, I would LOVE for you to become my latest follower!  Thanks!
Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Free Christmas Activities-Twelve Days of Freebies-Day 6

Second grade students can be very self-centered.  We have all written our letters to Santa asking for things.  This freebie helps students turn this around and think of others.  Todays freebie is a Gift List.  It asks students to list 10 people and the gift that they would give them.  Help students brainstorm ideas for friends and family and also ideas for folks who may be in need this holiday season.  This will get your students thinking "in reverse" so to speak.  The Gift List looks like this:
It print your free copy, click HERE!
Ok.  It's almost Wednesday.  Just a few more days!  Sit down, relax, watch a movie on the Hallmark Channel.....(anyone else hooked on the Hallmark Christmas movies???) eat some chocolate and soak it all in!  Happy Tuesday evening!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Free Christmas Activity- Twelve Days of Freebies- Day 5

The kids are so excited.  I must say I'm excited too!  I love seeing their little faces when we read Christmas stories.  The freebie for today is a Christmas tree countdown for the kids.  You copy the tree pattern onto construction paper and then let students attach a chain with a link for each day until Christmas. I let my students tape these to their cubbie doors or you could let students take these home to share with their families.  Here is a look at the tree.
  I copied the ornaments on red and then I put dots of silver glitter on too.  You could be creative with how the students decorate their tree. 

To get the patterns, click HERE!  I hope your kids enjoy making this countdown Christmas tree!  Give me some feedback!