Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easter Games and a Freebie!

If you have these............

and a few minutes, I'm going to tell you some  different things to do with plastic Easter eggs.
I have a brand new Easter Math Game unit that has 6 different games for your students to play.  I've included one of the 6 games here for you for FREE! Students will practice addition and subtraction, telling time, counting money, showing a number two different ways by drawing base 10 blocks and even/odd.  The free game is counting coins.  Here is a look at it. 

If you want to use this game you can get your free copy by clicking HERE!
If you want all 6 games, you can get them over in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  You can get there by clicking HERE.
If you use this, please leave some feedback!  I love to hear from you!


Easter has just zoomed up on me this year!  I've hardly gotten through my spring/St. Patrick's Day/March stuff and here we are on the heels of Easter.  I have a few fun things that I lover to do with Easter.  One of the things is to make these cuties.  They are very easy to make and they really brighten up the room.  You can go to these cute bunnies by clicking HERE!

I also love doing this Easter Scavenger Hunt with my students.  It looks like this :

You can post the clues in your room or around the school.  I post the clues in the hallway at school and then I take one group at a time during center time while the rest of the class is busy in their math centers with my assistant.  The kids love this activity and when they get all of the answers to the clues, they use the letters to solve a riddle.  Lots of fun and a great way to review math.  There are 12 questions in all. You can see the Easter Scavenger Hunt by clicking HERE!
Since Easter comes so early in April this year, I have other things that are Easter themed that will have to wait until after Easter but that's OK.  The content is what is important and the activities are valuable. 
Ok we have a little over a week to celebrate Easter with our sweet kids. Ready, Set......HOP! 
Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, it was March and it was time for Mrs. Strickland's Super Second Grade Smarties to begin their unit on Fairy Tales!  This unit is so much fun and there are tons of things you can do with Fairy Tales.  We will start our unit on Monday with an introduction of what makes a Fairy Tale.  The kids have a student book that has everything they need to learn everything they ever wanted to know about Fairy Tales.  I wrote this unit so that first, I read a version of the Fairy Tale and then the kids have a version in their book to use.  I wanted them to have a story to hold in their hands and read.  In the past, I have only read the story to them but I think it is valuable for them to actually have a copy of the story that they can write on, underline, highlight, etc.  There are graphic organizers with each story and there is also comprehension questions for them to answer after they read the student version.  We are working hard on answering comprehension questions completely so this unit will give us some good practice.  There is also a craft with each Fairy Tale.  Each Fairy Tale will probably take two days to complete.  Here is a look at the unit.  Click HERE to see the unit.   The unit is 108 pages and has 8 different Fairy Tales included.  There is a unit test as well and I also included links to the Fairy Tales online in case you didn't have access to the books.  Here is a look at the entire unit.

I've included a free page for you from the unit.  This is the first page in the student book that teaches the students what is usually included in a Fairy Tale.  Click HERE to get the freebie!  If you download the freebie, please leave me some feedback!  Do you teach Fairy Tales?  I love to hear from you! 
Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MD 9-10- Measurement and Data and a Freebie!

We just finished our unit on measurement and data.  The kids really enjoyed this unit because it let them do two things that they love!  They got to talk to their friends and they got to get out of their seat and move around the room.  We began our unit by learning what a line plot was.  We used a line plot to show our favorite colors.  Over the course of a few days, we conducted several different surveys in our class asking favorite candy, cookies, color, pet, subject in school and kind of gum. Students took their book and their pencil and got to work.  They made tally marks to record their answers.  Next they used the tally marks to make a line plot, a pictograph or a bar graph.  Finally they answered questions about their data.  Here is a look at the kids collecting their data. 

I also had several graphs that students made where they generated their own data.  One was with coins.  They took a handful of coins from their coin bag and sorted them. Next they made tally marks to count.  Then they made a graph to show the information and finally answered questions about their data. Here is a look at this graph.

  I've included the coin graph here for you for free!  Click HERE FOR THE FREEBIE!
These activities are part of my measurement and data unit.  It covers Second Grade Common Core Math Standards 2.MD.9-10.  Here is a look at the entire unit.
You can see it in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store by clicking HERE!  Let me know what you think of the freebie!  I love hearing from you.
I can't believe Spring is in a few days and Easter is coming soon! 
Counting down the days.....
Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Because You Are A Hero...... It's Time For A Sale!

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Happy Shopping!!!
Monday, February 23, 2015

2.NBT.1 and 2- Counting Within 1000 and "Sweet" Math Games!

I have made several versions of this number sorting game and I always love watching my students "get into" sorting the numbers.  The look on their faces is priceless.  It's like they have an important job to do and they are hard at work.  In second grade,  I think that most students need practice using, sorting, manipulating and ordering numbers.  All of these skills help students continue to build a strong background in number sense and using place value. I have a Halloween themed number sort that only uses numbers 1-500.  I have a generic popcorn themed game that uses numbers 1-1000.  The one that I put in centers this week is Valentine's Day themed and the numbers go to 1000.  Once the students sort the cards into the correct stack, there is a question sheet that asks students, for example, to choose 6 cards from any of the stacks and put them in order from greatest to least, from least to greatest, etc.  As the year progresses, the numbers stay from 1-1000 but the question sheets become more difficult, like choose two cards and add or subtract, etc.  The variations on this game are endless and I believe that the practice is very valuable!  Here is a look at the Valentine's Day "Nice Number Sort. "

We have math centers after lunch near the end of the day. My students love to get their activity and spread out.  I love that they love math centers!!  Here is a look at the question sheet that goes with the sorting activity.

Another game that I pull out occasionally is a skip counting game.  This one is called "Sugary Skip Counting."  First they sort the cards by picture.  Each set has a rule card to tell them what to skip count by.  This game asks students to skip count backwards. 
Both of these center games are part of my February ELA and Math Centers Unit.  You can see the entire unit in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking HERE! AND even though these centers are Valentine's Day themed, I use them even after. 
So, there you go.  Lots of practice manipulating numbers.  I know that all of this practice builds confidence and continues to build a strong foundation because goodness gracious....multiplication, division and fractions are in their future!!!  Happy Counting!


Friday, February 20, 2015

2.OA.1- Math Word Problems

We work hard all year learning strategies for addition, subtraction, measuring, counting money, telling time, and on and on.  The culmination of all of this at my school/in my county/in my state is the end of the year summative assessment.  There are LOTS of word problems on this assessment.  We started working on word problems back in September.  I wanted my students to live with these all year so that in May, the summative would be easy for them.  I've tried to teach word problems a lot of different ways.  I think that one of the hard things about second grade aged kids is that they are still kind of hands on from first grade and trying to get into the concrete of second grade.  So they may move from using counters and drawing number pictures to solving the problem using "boxes" to show the problem.  Look at this example: 
By teaching your kids that word problems are part/part/whole, you can use these boxes to all kinds of word problems.  These methods are shown in my word problem unit.  Click HERE to see the entire unit.  This unit has been so valuable in helping my kids understand what word problems are asking for and what they should solve for.  I've also taught them to solve using a number line.  By now, they are all pretty much on target with solving word problems.  We do practice solving at least one word problem each day.  I wrote another unit that has lots of word problems to practice.  The problems are separated by type and there are 5 or 6 on a page.  I cut them apart and pass them out.  Students glue them into their math journal and we solve away! There are 10 practice problems for each problem type and then a quiz for each problem type.   Here is a look at this practice unit.
To see it in my store, you can click HERE to see the preview.  I've included a freebie for you HERE!
There are about 15 different kinds of word problems that second graders are responsible for in 2nd Grade Common Core Math, including the ones that they learned in Kindergarten and First Grade.  My kids need lots of practice!  I hope you and your kids like these.  Let me know what you think!