Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Centers and 2 Freebies!

We have been so busy in our classroom learning "Christmas Style"!  Even though it is the Christmas season and the kids are beyond excited, we have to continue on with learning.  We are, after all, on a tight schedule.  So, I decided to make all of our "learning" Christmas Themed.  The kids have been practicing their math skills in centers.  Here is a look.
This game is called Elves Addition.  Students have to work each problem on their answer sheet, match the problem card to the answer card and then decide if they regrouped or not and put the problem card onto the "I had to regroup" or the "I didn't have to regroup" mats.  So the kids would come to me and say, I got 59 but there isn't an answer card with 59, so this was a good chance to teach them that they should check over their answers and rework the problem.

North Pole Number Sort is another game we played.  The kids had to sort the numbers by the picture.  Once they did this, they put the number cards into order by picture from least to greatest.  After they sorted the numbers, they wrote them onto their answer sheet.
A literacy game that we played this week in centers is called Fa La La La List It.  It was a good activity because it forced the students to think on their own and come up with answers.  Students would choose a card.  Each card would ask them to list 3 different things, like 3 fruits, 3 song titles, etc.  They enjoyed it and I hope it stretched their thinking just a little!
This center unit has 4 literacy and 4 math games in it.  You can see the entire unit in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking here! Here is a look at all of the centers.
This week, we will continue with Christmas themed math and reading centers.  I've made some freebies for you to use.  In one literacy center, students will write their spelling words onto these flashcards.  They cut them apart and put the words into ABC order.  Finally, they will write their words onto their answer sheet.  Click HERE TO GET THE FREEBIE!
Last but not least are our Letters to Santa.  The kids loved doing this.  They were so serious as they worked and their handwriting was perfect!  I think we will write to Santa every day!  You can get a copy of the letter form that we used by clicking HERE! Here is a look at the letter.

Next week in math we will do a quick 5 day unit on Christmas Arrays.  It has lesson plans, homework, classwork, a project and a quiz.  Click here to see the unit in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Here is a look at the unit. 
The project is really cute.  I can't wait to make these with my students.
I guess most of us get out next week sometime?  We are finished on Friday the 20th.  I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing break!  If you like the freebies, please leave me some feedback! Next blog?  January, here we come!!!
Take Care,