Sunday, December 31, 2017

Free Writing Activity for New Years

So you are back from break and New Year's just happened.  You've taken down all of your Christmas decorations and your walls  and bulletin boards are empty!  I've got a solution for you!  I threw together this little freebie that will perk up those spaces!  For a little pre-activity, you'll need to discuss what New Year's Resolutions are and help your kiddos come up with a few things that they want to do better this year and a few things that they might try really hard NOT to do this year...ahem.....Anyway, they can then draw a picture of themselves on there and bam, you've got a bulletin board!  If you want to get fancy, you could attach some streamers, confetti and balloons around the edges of your bulletin board.... but I digress....So here is what the freebie looks like...
Once they do the writing and color it, it will be beeeautiful!!! .....and it's FREE!!!!! 
Here is the link   to the free writing activity to spruce up your room!!! 

I would love to see some pictures of this when your students finish!    Happy Teaching!! 

Out With The Old....New Year's Encouragement

Out with the old, In with the New!  We have all heard that lots of times.  I always liked coming back to school after Christmas.  It felt fresh and new.  I was ready for a new beginning.  I was ready to "do this thing" and finish the year with a bang, so to speak.  After two days of coming back, I was sleepy....and wishing that it was December 22 again so that I would have more days home with my family...or June something so that school could be out already.  But, let's take a moment to think about our main reason for being at school in the first place...the kids.  They need us....some of them need us desperately!  I am in a new position as a Curriculum Coordinator so I am not in the classroom as the main teacher all day every day, so I don't feel the pressure that I used to feel.  Instead of pressure for my students to perform, I now feel pressure to help my teachers continue to make the huge differences that they make every day.  I see the exhaustion on their faces.  I see them trying to continue to go and go and go and inspire and encourage and lift up....  In other words, "I feel their pain!"  I walked in their (your) shoes for 23 years!  I get it.  You want to make a difference but...lets face it.  You are human.  You get discouraged.  You get tired.  The long days of winter in the classroom are real and I get it....because I have been there. I have come up with a few words that may help ease that stress just a bit.  I remember, and I hope this helps just a small bit.

1.  Focus:  You are there to focus on and love the kids.  Heaven knows what some of them go home to.  Love the kids above all else! If you need to take a minute to listen, encourage, hug, wipe tears or laugh with that one it..They will remember it and you will too!

2.  Remember:  They are kids.  They need to play.  They need to use glitter and glue.  They need to run fast and often.  They need to laugh.  They need to eat candy.  They need to get in the play dough.  They need to hug you and be hugged back like you really mean it...and you do mean it. I know you do!

3.  Relax:  All of these mid-year tests?  They are just a tests.  You know your kids and you now how far they've come since the beginning of school.  Close your door and teach your kids.  Teach.

4.  Rejuvenate:  Take care of yourself.  You know when the flight attendants say "Put the oxygen on yourself before your younger passengers"? Yeah.  That.  You must rest.  If you are tired and grumpy, you are no good to anyone in your classroom.  Go to bed early.  Sleep late on Saturday.  Eat a candy bar.  Buy the shoes.  Have a girls night out.  Do what ever it is that helps you re-energize.  The kids are counting on you to "put the oxygen on first."  Do it.

Before you know it, you'll be hugging all of those little bodies goodbye.  They will be ready to go home for the summer, and so will you.  But in the meantime, hang on.  Focus, remember, relax and rejuvenate.  Your students will probably not remember how many "book levels" they grew or how many points they grew on a test, but they will definitely remember how much you loved them!  Teach on friends, teach on and Welcome 2018 with the biggest smile you have! 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Going Out Like A Lion Sale!

I hope you are all having a great school year!  We are headed toward the home stretch so I thought I would throw a sale to celebrate the end of March.  Here in NC, it's going out like a Lion with rain and storm so I decided to throw a "Going Out Like A Lion" sale.  Go ahead and stock up on the things that you might need to finish the year strong!   Click HERE to shop now!