Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Week of School and a Sweet Memory Book

Well, almost one week down.....lots to go!  I was so excited to meet my sweet kiddos!  We already feel like a family!  We got started right away talking about know....the stuff you have to do on the first day.  I didn't want to just bark out rules at the kids so I asked them to think about what they needed this year in order to learn.  What should the classroom be like?  They came up with some good things like no kicking, don't be a bully, take I gave each kid a sticky note and they wrote down something that they thought would be a good rule.  I took all of the sticky notes and came up with only three rules.  So the next day we came back together to talk about our three rules. Here they are:

So, number 1...use your manners.  This one rule just about covers EVERYTHING that anyone could possibly do wrong so we talked about how this rule applies in the classroom and at school, like no talking when someone else is talking, and of course the no kicking comment came up!  We talked about what good manners look like in the classroom, on the playground, in the cafeteria and at specials like music and P.E.   The next rule could really be in rule number 1 but it is don't keep others from learning.  The kids came up with some good examples of this also like not talking when the teacher is talking and not bothering our neighbor when they are trying to work.  And finally, ALWAYS do your best.  We zeroed in on always completing our work, doing our homework and staying on task during center know, center time when you are working with one group and there is this one kid, or one group who loves to do everything except what they are assigned to do! Ha!  So we talked about how we may slip up occasionally but we would always try our best.  Finally, everyone signed their name and promised to do their best to keep these rules all year. I let them use my special fruit scented markers to sign their names so they thought that was cool! So for the past 3 days, I have been pointing out when I see one of our rules being broken...I tell you, use your manners basically covers EVERYTHING!  So we are well on our way to being the best behaved class! 
      I wanted to go ahead and start reading and math centers this week.  I used my Back To School Literacy and Math Centers.  These were basically easy enough for the kids to figure out on their own and I could be free to walk around and monitor so I could get the behavior that I want from center time.  Here is a look at a few of the centers.

Here is a look at the entire unit.

You can see the unit in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking HERE!

Finally, we have Open House for Parents in a few weeks.  We started on our Sweet Second Grade Memory Book today.  The first page asks the kids to draw a picture of them selves.  Here are a few of the masterpieces that I saw today!


You can get the memory book in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store by clicking HERE!
I'm tired just thinking about all that we have done just in four days!  I hope you have all had a great beginning to this year!  Buckle up! Here we go!
Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Free First Day of School Game!

Ok, pencils sharpened, desks ready, bulletin boards are practically perfect in every, what will we do with the kids????  I love to use cooperative learning activities.  I love to let the kids get up and move around.  This game is perfect for both!  Just copy, laminate and cut apart.  Give each student a card.  Students then go around the room and ask another student their question.  That student answers and asks the first student their question.  The first student answers, then the two students switch cards and go find another student!  This game can be played as long as you want.  It is also a fun way to take a brain break during a long day!  To get the game, click HERE!  Here is a look at the game. 

There are 30 cards in all.  If you download, please leave me some feedback!  I hope you all have a great first day back!
Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back To School Sale!

Have you heard?  Teachers Pay Teachers is having a sale....and so am I!  My store is 10% off Sunday, August 18 and Monday August 19.  Hop on over there to save 10% from my sale and more savings from TPT for up to 28%  off!  Time to stock up!

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Happy Shopping!
Thursday, August 8, 2013

Welcome Back to School and a Math Game for Free!

Yes, it sneaks up on me EVERY year!  Where did the summer go?  Next Wednesday is THE day that we return.  So, I guess I need to switch gears and get ready to hit the ground running!  I've gotten B2S Centers ready, Morning Work for August is ready and B2S Math is ready!  Now to copy, laminate and cut like crazy! 
Last year, I made these Popcorn Number Centers.  I ended up using them ALL year as a review.  They are all games so the kids loved playing them.  I don't think they can get too much practice using numbers to 1000.  I've attached one of the games from this pack for you to print for free.  Click HERE to print the free game.  If you want to see the entire unit, go to my Teacher's Pay Teacher's store by clicking HERE!  Here is what you get.
I plan to use these after the first few weeks of school.  They are correlated to Common Core Math Standards 2.NBT. 2, 3 and 4.
I am using by B2S Math unit for the first 10 days of school.  It is a review of Common Core Standards from First Grade.  Here is a look at this unit.

You can take a closer look at the preview by clicking HERE!
Also, I have Back to School Centers ready.  These unit has 4 literacy and 4 math centers.  They should be an easy review from first grade.  I like to have something in centers during the first week or two that students can do on their own.  I like to be free to walk around and monitor at first to be sure that I am seeing the behavior that I need to see during center work.   Click
 This will take you to my TPT store to have a closer look at the preview.  Here is what you get:
Now, for reading.  I love to use the book Chrysanthemum on the first day of school.  I was reading Amy Lemons blog yesterday, Step Into Second Grade with Mrs. Lemons.  She highlighted a Kevin Henkes Author Study written by Hollie Griffith.  I hopped right over to TPT and bought it.  There are activities for 5 Kevin Henkes books with cute craftivities  for each book.  I can't wait to use this with my students.  You can get to Hollies store on TPT by clicking HERE!
Here are some pictures of this unit.  I can't wait to use it with my kids!

Ok, one last thing and I think we are ready for the first few weeks.  I made a Morning Work for August book for my class.  I've also made one for September and plan to make one for each month for the rest of the school year.  This book has practice pages for 4 days and a quiz for the 5th day.  It is brief and to the point because I don't have a lot of time for morning work.  So, if you want to look at this book, click
HERE! Here is a look at what you get.
Here is a freebie of the first week of this book if you want to print. Click HERE TO GET THE FREEBIE!
Ok, so I think we are ready!  Leave me some feedback and tell me what you think!  Happy Planning!