Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Free First Day of School Game!

Ok, pencils sharpened, desks ready, bulletin boards are practically perfect in every, what will we do with the kids????  I love to use cooperative learning activities.  I love to let the kids get up and move around.  This game is perfect for both!  Just copy, laminate and cut apart.  Give each student a card.  Students then go around the room and ask another student their question.  That student answers and asks the first student their question.  The first student answers, then the two students switch cards and go find another student!  This game can be played as long as you want.  It is also a fun way to take a brain break during a long day!  To get the game, click HERE!  Here is a look at the game. 

There are 30 cards in all.  If you download, please leave me some feedback!  I hope you all have a great first day back!


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