Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Summer is Coming, and a GREAT idea for the hallway!

I know it is only April, by I'm thinking ahead to June!  My kids make these cute Sunny Summer Countdown sunshines every year. They take theirs home and I keep mine up at school.  Just put as many links on the bottom as days of school you have left and tear off a link every day.  The kids love to watch the chain get shorter and shorter!  Here is the finished sun.

Isn't he cute!!!  You can get the pattern in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking here. 

Ok, you know summer is coming, the kids know summer is class was so excited today. I used all of that energy in a positive way.....we got tons of things done! :) I read about a game called "Mystery Walker" on pinterest.  This is the way it works.  You choose a mystery walker each time your class lines up and goes somewhere in the hall.  They don't know who the mystery walker is, only you know.  So, when you get back from where you were going, if the mystery walker was on their very best, top notch behavior, they get a treat from the candy basket....I think my kids would do ANYTHING for a piece of candy AND I let them eat it right then and there!  It works like magic! Just to give every kid a chance, I draw out the name and put it aside. That way everyone gets their chance.  I LOVE mystery walker....the kids do too!  Give it a try.  You'll be amazed! :)


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