Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We made it....looking ahead to April and a freebie!

Hey friends.  Today was the last day for the kids until April 8.  We have a workday tomorrow so I'm looking forward to getting everything together for when we return.  Today we made a new craft/writing for the hallway.  They turned out really cute!

We read several books about spring and rain and then we brainstormed things we could do on a rainy day.  The kids could choose to write about playing outside in the rain and the mud, but some of the girls....(gasp!) didn't want to get in the mud.  They wrote about playing inside instead!  They turned out super cute!  (The Dr. Seuss hats are part of my hallway display...they have the kid's names on them and there is a big Dr. Seuss in the middle) Anyway, you can see the entire unit here.
I'm working on more spring/summer stuff.   There is a freebie on my tpt site too.  It's called Cottontail Compounds.  It's great for a literacy center or for independent work. Click here to get the freebie!
I'm working on some new things for spring/summer.  I'm making a new scavenger hunt.  My kids loved the Easter one that we did on Monday.  Ok, so enjoy break. We need to gear up for the last 9 weeks! :)


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