Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Numbers to 1,000 and Math Centers

My kids love math centers. It is amazing to look around and see every child engaged!  I plan activities that are hands on as much as possible.  The kids are divided up into 4 groups so after a whole group lesson, each group visits one center each day.  I tried having them rotate through 4 centers each day but the kids didn't have enough time to do good quality work and get everything finished.  This year, I have students go to one center each day so by Thursday everyone has visited all four centers.  This week one of the games in centers is this Racing to 1,000 game.  I wanted my students to "see" numbers written to 1,000. They had a booklet of 100's charts to 1,000 in their desks to use but I wanted them to see the numbers to 1,000. So, I copied 100's charts to 1,000, glued them end to end and laminated them.  It is a long skinny game board, but the kids love it.
I give them 2 number cubes and clear bingo chips to keep their place.  They roll the cubes and make the number that they want, like a 2 and a 3 could be 23 or 32.  They quickly figure out to make the biggest number so they can get to 1,000 first because that is the winner!  I taught them to move down rows for 10's and across to move 1's.  I like the clear chips so they can see the number through it.  I also highlighted the 100's so they could recognize those quickly. Here is a close up.

This game is easy to make and the kids not only love it, but they get to see the sequence of numbers to 1,000.  It's almost Friday!  I hope your week is going well!


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