Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail

My state has adopted the Common Core Standards in reading and math.  In 2nd grade Language Arts, we need to teach the kids how to write opinion pieces, informative pieces and narratives.  I decided to combine these three types of writing with one project for Easter.  For the opinion piece, I will have students write about why they should be allowed to have a rabbit for a pet.  For the informative piece, I will have the students write about either a rabbit or hare. For the personal narrative, I will have them write an imaginative narrative about having to help the Easter Bunny die eggs to get ready for Easter in time.  I've added an Easter craft to go with the writing.  Take a look!
I think they turned out really cute.  If you don't have enough time for all three kinds of writing, you could let kiddos choose which piece they want to write.  You can see the entire unit at my TPT story by clicking here.

 I think that one of the hardest things in teaching is having a good classroom environment. In other words, crowd control is important!  At my school, we have PBIS and we have made the hallway Zone 0 which is no talking.  This is hard for some of the chatty ones, so I saw a great idea on pinterest. It is called Mystery Walker.  You choose a student name and keep it secret.  You tell the class that you have the Mystery Walker and it could be them!  I do this any time we travel in the hallway.  When we return to the room, I tell who the Mystery Walker was and if they were on their best behavior, they get to go to the candy box.  You wouldn't believe how well this works!  On some especially chatty days, I choose a Mystery Student for what ever subject I am teaching next.  It's amazing how well they behave for candy!  


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