Monday, December 8, 2014

Free Christmas Activity- Twelve Days of Freebies- Day 5

The kids are so excited.  I must say I'm excited too!  I love seeing their little faces when we read Christmas stories.  The freebie for today is a Christmas tree countdown for the kids.  You copy the tree pattern onto construction paper and then let students attach a chain with a link for each day until Christmas. I let my students tape these to their cubbie doors or you could let students take these home to share with their families.  Here is a look at the tree.
  I copied the ornaments on red and then I put dots of silver glitter on too.  You could be creative with how the students decorate their tree. 

To get the patterns, click HERE!  I hope your kids enjoy making this countdown Christmas tree!  Give me some feedback!


  1. The patterns for the Christmas tree countdown wasn't the correct pattern!

    1. Fixed it! Sorry about that! Long day!