Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Free Christmas Activity- 12 Days of Freebies-Day 10

The excitement is so thick in my school and my classroom that I think you could cut it with a knife!  The kids are so excited and to be honest, I'm so excited too!  And do you know what?  You are excited too!  I try to keep everything on normal schedule before holidays at school.  It seems to help to keep the same routine.  I worry about some kids and if they will have a good Christmas.  I hope that the time they spend with me each day, that they know they are loved and valued.  I tend to be too serious sometimes, so especially this week, I will do my best to overlook the giggling, squealing, hopping, skipping, leaping, wiggling, whispering, and non-stop talking! 
So, on to January.  Todays freebie is from my Jiffy Journal pack.  It is a collection of 20 journal prompts for each month of the school year.  You cut out the box and the kids glue it into their journal.  It is easy and saves paper!  Here is a look at the freebie.
To download the freebie, click HERE!  I hope you like this.  Leave me some feedback!


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