Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Free Christmas Activities-Twelve Days of Freebies-Day 6

Second grade students can be very self-centered.  We have all written our letters to Santa asking for things.  This freebie helps students turn this around and think of others.  Todays freebie is a Gift List.  It asks students to list 10 people and the gift that they would give them.  Help students brainstorm ideas for friends and family and also ideas for folks who may be in need this holiday season.  This will get your students thinking "in reverse" so to speak.  The Gift List looks like this:
It print your free copy, click HERE!
Ok.  It's almost Wednesday.  Just a few more days!  Sit down, relax, watch a movie on the Hallmark Channel.....(anyone else hooked on the Hallmark Christmas movies???) eat some chocolate and soak it all in!  Happy Tuesday evening!


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