Monday, February 2, 2015

Money 2.MD.8-Using Base 10 Blocks and a 100's Board

We are continuing our math unit on counting money.  After we practiced counting dimes and pennies, we added the nickel.  Here is a look at our nickel bubble map.
Now the real work started.  Counting dimes, nickels and pennies was more difficult than just dimes and pennies.  It really made sense to the kids to start with dimes and pennies.  So, after we practiced counting different money amounts using dimes, nickels and pennies for a few days, it was time to introduce a new "tool" to my students.  We were going to use a 100's board to count money!  They were beyond excited because it was new and because I was excited about it.  So I reviewed a little bit with them and reminded them of all of the place value work that we have done this year.  We talked how we used base 10 blocks to show a number and how we can compare base 10 blocks to a 100's board. 

I showed students that a ones cube gets one box, a ten stick gets a row of 10 and a hundreds flat gets the whole 100's board. 
Next I showed them that dimes are like 10 sticks and pennies are like ones cubes.
Next we moved to the 100's board.  I show students how a dime gets 10 boxes because a dime is worth 10¢ and a penny gets 1 box because the penny is worth 1 ¢. 

Next we added nickels.  The nickel will get 5 boxes because it is worth 5 ¢.
This board show 94¢.  So we used this tool for a few days.  The students loved it.  We even played a SCOOT game using money amounts and the 100's board.  I copied an extra 100's board and put it in their homework folder so they could use it at home.  Oh the joys!  So now, along with all of the other many "tools" we have learned to use in math this year, we can add using the 100's board to our "tool box" because we can use it to count money.  How cool is that???? Next up?  We are adding quarters to the mix!!  Stay tuned and Happy Counting!


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