Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Money 2.MD.8- Showing A Money Amount Two Ways- Free Money Counting Mat

The last coin that we added to our counting collection was the quarter.  Here is our bubble map.

We practiced counting quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies on our 100's board.  One of the favorite math centers last week was the Race To $1.00 game.  Partners take turns using the spinner and collecting coins.  They used a 100's board to keep a running total.  The first one to $1.00 is the winner.  I use this game a lot during math centers because the kids like it and it is wonderful practice!

So after we added the quarter to our collection, we moved on to showing the same money amount two different ways.  I reviewed place value with them.  Back in the fall, we practiced using base 10 blocks to show numbers two different ways.  So we reviewed this.  First, we show the number one way.  Then we circled the base 10 block that we wanted to change.  I had them circle it so they wouldn't forget what they were changing.  Then we changed it!  Simple. 
First we showed 54 on the top.  Then we decided that we would trade a 10 stick for 10 ones cubes.  Next we looked at what was staying the same....4 ten sticks and 4 ones...and we went ahead and put those on the bottom.  Then we got 10 ones for the 10 stick and put those on the bottom.  Now we have shown 54 two different ways.  I also teach my kids to put their 1's cubes in rows of a 10 frame. 
Next, we turned to money.  I told them that we would show money two different ways just like we did with base 10 blocks. 
First we put 54¢ top of our counting mat.  Then we decided that we could trade a quarter for 2 dimes and a nickel so we circled our quarter.  Then we put the coins on the bottom that weren't going to quarter and 4 pennies.  Then we put 2 dimes and a nickel for the quarter that we circled.  Tadaaa!  Showing 54¢ two different ways.   This counting mat is in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for free!  Click HERE to get yours.  All of these money activities are included in my Candy and Coins Money Unit.  You can look at it HERE . 
So now that money is finished, we started our measurement unit.  I'll write about that next. 
We also started our American Heroes Unit this week, just in time for President's Day.  It is an integrated Reading and Social Studies unit. 
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