Monday, February 23, 2015

2.NBT.1 and 2- Counting Within 1000 and "Sweet" Math Games!

I have made several versions of this number sorting game and I always love watching my students "get into" sorting the numbers.  The look on their faces is priceless.  It's like they have an important job to do and they are hard at work.  In second grade,  I think that most students need practice using, sorting, manipulating and ordering numbers.  All of these skills help students continue to build a strong background in number sense and using place value. I have a Halloween themed number sort that only uses numbers 1-500.  I have a generic popcorn themed game that uses numbers 1-1000.  The one that I put in centers this week is Valentine's Day themed and the numbers go to 1000.  Once the students sort the cards into the correct stack, there is a question sheet that asks students, for example, to choose 6 cards from any of the stacks and put them in order from greatest to least, from least to greatest, etc.  As the year progresses, the numbers stay from 1-1000 but the question sheets become more difficult, like choose two cards and add or subtract, etc.  The variations on this game are endless and I believe that the practice is very valuable!  Here is a look at the Valentine's Day "Nice Number Sort. "

We have math centers after lunch near the end of the day. My students love to get their activity and spread out.  I love that they love math centers!!  Here is a look at the question sheet that goes with the sorting activity.

Another game that I pull out occasionally is a skip counting game.  This one is called "Sugary Skip Counting."  First they sort the cards by picture.  Each set has a rule card to tell them what to skip count by.  This game asks students to skip count backwards. 
Both of these center games are part of my February ELA and Math Centers Unit.  You can see the entire unit in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking HERE! AND even though these centers are Valentine's Day themed, I use them even after. 
So, there you go.  Lots of practice manipulating numbers.  I know that all of this practice builds confidence and continues to build a strong foundation because goodness gracious....multiplication, division and fractions are in their future!!!  Happy Counting!



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