Friday, February 20, 2015

2.OA.1- Math Word Problems

We work hard all year learning strategies for addition, subtraction, measuring, counting money, telling time, and on and on.  The culmination of all of this at my school/in my county/in my state is the end of the year summative assessment.  There are LOTS of word problems on this assessment.  We started working on word problems back in September.  I wanted my students to live with these all year so that in May, the summative would be easy for them.  I've tried to teach word problems a lot of different ways.  I think that one of the hard things about second grade aged kids is that they are still kind of hands on from first grade and trying to get into the concrete of second grade.  So they may move from using counters and drawing number pictures to solving the problem using "boxes" to show the problem.  Look at this example: 
By teaching your kids that word problems are part/part/whole, you can use these boxes to all kinds of word problems.  These methods are shown in my word problem unit.  Click HERE to see the entire unit.  This unit has been so valuable in helping my kids understand what word problems are asking for and what they should solve for.  I've also taught them to solve using a number line.  By now, they are all pretty much on target with solving word problems.  We do practice solving at least one word problem each day.  I wrote another unit that has lots of word problems to practice.  The problems are separated by type and there are 5 or 6 on a page.  I cut them apart and pass them out.  Students glue them into their math journal and we solve away! There are 10 practice problems for each problem type and then a quiz for each problem type.   Here is a look at this practice unit.
To see it in my store, you can click HERE to see the preview.  I've included a freebie for you HERE!
There are about 15 different kinds of word problems that second graders are responsible for in 2nd Grade Common Core Math, including the ones that they learned in Kindergarten and First Grade.  My kids need lots of practice!  I hope you and your kids like these.  Let me know what you think!


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