Sunday, October 11, 2015

Place Value Math Centers and a Freebie!

We recently started our place value unit in math.  I made several games to reinforce the skills that they are learning.  The kids have loved playing these games and I wanted to share them with you. 

One game was called Magic Wand War. All of the game cards are given out to each player and turned face down.  Each player had to turn over their top card.   Next they had to solve their addition or subtraction problem.  The student with the largest number was the winner and got to keep both cards.  After all cards are played, the player who collected the most cards is the winner.  My kids loved this game!

Another game was called Silly Clown Spinner.  Students used a paperclip and the spinner to get three numbers. Next, they draw the number using base 10 blocks.   
Now this sweet boy is ENGAGED!  This game is called Silly Sort It Out.  They have sorting mats that are labeled 100-200, 200-300, 300-400, etc. all the way to 1000.  They have cards that have number words, like two hundred fifty-nine, etc. to sort onto each mat.  After the cards are all sorted, there is an activity sheet that goes with the game.  For example, students are asked to choose any 6 cards from their mats, put them in order from largest to smallest, smallest to largest, etc.  and write their answers on their paper. 

To make my centers, I copy six sets onto six different colors of paper and laminate them. (I don't have more than 6 students in a center.) The color coding keeps the sets from getting mixed up.  I store them in gallon sized zip top bags.  I store the set of centers in a large envelope that is labeled with the name of the game, skill and which 9 weeks I use the game in .  I also store a copy of the answer sheet in the envelope with the games so the next time I use it, everything is there in one place.  These games are part of a set of 10 games that are all focused on place value.  The entire unit looks like this:
These games are a great supplement to my Clowning Around Math Unit.  This unit teaches 2.NBT.1 and 3.  To see the unit in my store, click HERE!
Now, Halloween is coming and it's time for a freebie. 
This is a great, no prep math center.  Give students a copy of this sheet and a paper clip.  They spin to get a two digit number and then tell if it is odd or even.  Easy and fun!!!  Click HERE TO GET YOUR FREE COPY!
This page is part of my October Language Arts and Math Printables.  There are five Language Arts/Reading Printables and five Math printables.  Here is a look at it.
These are easy to use in centers with no prep on your part.  You can see the entire unit in my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking HERE!
I hope you can use the freebie!  Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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