Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Classroom Rewards

I love to reward good behavior.  Like most of you though, I don't want rewards to be complicated or costly.  I've come up with a list of 20 great free or low cost rewards that I use that are easy and the kids love!  Here goes:
1.  Drink with a straw at lunch.
2.  Write a sweet, encouraging note on a student's desk with an expo marker.
3.  I have a rolling desk chair (rollie chair) in my classroom.  I choose someone to sit in the rollie chair.
4.  Choose another student from our grade level to eat lunch with.
5.  Help the student write an email to someone.  (Parent, former teacher, principal, etc.)
6. Homework Pass!
7. Read to a younger kid in another classroom. (Preschool and kindergarten kids love to be read to!)
8. Write with a lead pencil for the day.
9. Eat lunch with the teacher and another friend.
10. Write with a marker for a subject. (Reading or math or writing, etc.)
11. Brag Bracelets - (Make with construction paper)
12. Take off your shoes in the classroom.
13. Sit at the teacher's desk.
14. Skip Morning Work
15. Switch desks with another student for the day.
16. Chew gum in class
17. Call mom or dad and tell them what a great day you are having.
18. Positive note home
19. Get to drink a juice bag during class
20. Wear a brag badge....Make with construction paper that says:  Ask me why I'm wearing this badge!

You could use these rewards several ways.  You could use these for an end of the week treat for students.  One year, I wrote each reward on a slip of paper, put them into a box and drew one out or let the student draw one out.  Sometimes I just look around at who is being especially good at the time and choose them to pick out a prize.  I've also said, "I'm looking for my next prize winner......"  and it works to help everyone focus and show their best behavior.  It also rewards those students who are ALWAYS doing the right thing!  I hope you found something that you like and can use.  I would love to hear what you all use for rewards for little or no cost!  I hope you all are having a great year so far!


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