Monday, August 17, 2015

Math Routines for the Entire Year and a FREEBIE for you!

Awhile back, I wrote a blog post about daily math routines that I like to use to help my students focus in on our math lesson.  You can read that post HERE!  For a long time, I wanted to write these routines into a math unit that would have plans for every day of the school year and that would get progressively harder during the school year.  I finally did!  It begins simple and gets harder throughout the year.  I've attached a week of activities for free for you so you can give it a try!  The entire unit looks like this:
This unit is a monthly themed unit.  There is a student answer recording sheet and instructions for you for every day.  Each answer sheet has spaces for an entire week so you will copy front and back on two pages for the entire month!  The kinds of activities included are:  counting base 10 blocks, counting forwards and backwards within 1000, skip counting by 2's, 5's and 10's forwards and backwards, counting money and writing numbers in expanded form and word form, telling time and building numbers.  It's a quick review that is great to get kids thinking about math! The pages look like this:
 To get your first week of August free, click HERE!  When you are ready to get the unit for the entire year, click HERE! to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  
Only one more day for me until Meet the Teacher night.  I'm going to be busy all day tomorrow getting ready for that.  I'll post pics tomorrow!  I hope you all are having a productive and fun "getting ready for school" time!
If you download the freebie, please leave me some feedback!


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