Thursday, August 6, 2015

Back To School # 3 and a FREEBIE!!!!

If you are like me, or if you are like hundreds and hundreds of other teachers this time of year, you are getting yourself ready for the new school year that is approaching very quickly.  I have only been away from my room for summer break for a few weeks but when I go back for the first time in August, it feels like I have been gone forever!  Once everything is clean, desks are arranged, (see my Back To School # 2 Post) different areas in the room are arranged, (book center, supplies, etc.) it's time for me to think about what I would like to accomplish with my students the very first day of school. Of course I know that plans and materials need to be ready.  I also know from experience that I need to over plan.  What I thought would take 30 minutes may end up being 10.....then what do we do..... So I plan ALOT of things to do the first day.   I also jump right into my "normal" routine, the routine and schedule that  I plan to follow the entire year. It is fun to do some "getting to know you" activities and I will do a few of these.  Since I teach 2nd grade, I know that these students have already been in school for 2 years and should be aware of basic rules.  Classroom routines will be somewhat different but for the most part, they know that there is no talking in the hallway or bathroom, how to "do" lunch and other things.  I like to focus on my classroom routines.  Last year, I made a book called "Let's Do School"  to complete with students about classroom and school routines.  I included an area for students to "draw" what these procedures look like.  For example, there is a page where students draw a picture of what a correct line looks like.  I like to do a funny drawing to show students what a correct line DOES NOT look like.  They always laugh at these "rule breakers" and then I draw a picture to show them the correct way.  I think that second grade students are still very visual and need to see what I'm talking about when I say....when we line up, we face the front, our mouths are quiet and our hands are by our side.  I stress that we have these rules and procedures to keep us safe and happy at school so I talk about what could happen if we do these procedures incorrectly.  For example, line up and walk in the hallway quietly so we won't disturb other classes.  We use our best manners at lunch, don't talk with food in our mouths and don't play at the table because we don't want anyone getting choked on their food.  I like to relate the rules back to real life situations that students can relate to so that they become meaningful to students.  So, I love using my "Let's Do School" rules and procedures book.  Instead of me just rambling off don't do this, don't do that....this is a whole group activity that we do together and students have the book to refer back to.  Here is a look at the book.

We do a few pages each day.  I've included the first two pages here in my blog for you for FREE! 
Click HERE to get the FREEBIE!   If you want the entire book you can click HERE to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store if you want to get the entire book.
Usually we do a few pages each day and then keep this book until September Open House.  I like to have these books out with some of their other work for parents to see.  If you download the free pages, I would love to hear what you think! 


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