Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, it was March and it was time for Mrs. Strickland's Super Second Grade Smarties to begin their unit on Fairy Tales!  This unit is so much fun and there are tons of things you can do with Fairy Tales.  We will start our unit on Monday with an introduction of what makes a Fairy Tale.  The kids have a student book that has everything they need to learn everything they ever wanted to know about Fairy Tales.  I wrote this unit so that first, I read a version of the Fairy Tale and then the kids have a version in their book to use.  I wanted them to have a story to hold in their hands and read.  In the past, I have only read the story to them but I think it is valuable for them to actually have a copy of the story that they can write on, underline, highlight, etc.  There are graphic organizers with each story and there is also comprehension questions for them to answer after they read the student version.  We are working hard on answering comprehension questions completely so this unit will give us some good practice.  There is also a craft with each Fairy Tale.  Each Fairy Tale will probably take two days to complete.  Here is a look at the unit.  Click HERE to see the unit.   The unit is 108 pages and has 8 different Fairy Tales included.  There is a unit test as well and I also included links to the Fairy Tales online in case you didn't have access to the books.  Here is a look at the entire unit.

I've included a free page for you from the unit.  This is the first page in the student book that teaches the students what is usually included in a Fairy Tale.  Click HERE to get the freebie!  If you download the freebie, please leave me some feedback!  Do you teach Fairy Tales?  I love to hear from you! 


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