Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Easter has just zoomed up on me this year!  I've hardly gotten through my spring/St. Patrick's Day/March stuff and here we are on the heels of Easter.  I have a few fun things that I lover to do with Easter.  One of the things is to make these cuties.  They are very easy to make and they really brighten up the room.  You can go to these cute bunnies by clicking HERE!

I also love doing this Easter Scavenger Hunt with my students.  It looks like this :

You can post the clues in your room or around the school.  I post the clues in the hallway at school and then I take one group at a time during center time while the rest of the class is busy in their math centers with my assistant.  The kids love this activity and when they get all of the answers to the clues, they use the letters to solve a riddle.  Lots of fun and a great way to review math.  There are 12 questions in all. You can see the Easter Scavenger Hunt by clicking HERE!
Since Easter comes so early in April this year, I have other things that are Easter themed that will have to wait until after Easter but that's OK.  The content is what is important and the activities are valuable. 
Ok we have a little over a week to celebrate Easter with our sweet kids. Ready, Set......HOP! 


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