Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Telling Time- 2.MD.7

We started our unit on telling time on Monday.  We talked about the parts of a clock like the face and hands.  We learned about analog and digital clocks.  I told the kids that sometimes you had to "wind" a watch to make it work. They were fascinated!  I just felt old! Haha...,.So anyway, today we played a game with time.  Each kid had a "watch". They decided what time to draw onto their watch.  After everyone had the hands on their watch, I taped it on their wrist.  Next they got a clipboard and their recording sheet and they went to each of their classmates and read their "watch".  They had a great time doing this and they practiced telling time 20 times!  They loved getting up and moving.

I would love to hear from you!  What fun, get out of your seat activities do you use with your students?


  1. You are welcome Tara. The kids love doing this activity!

  2. Is the recording sheet available on TPT?

  3. YES! This recording sheet is part of my Second Grade Common Core Math Unit- Telling Time to 5 Minutes. You can see the entire unit here: