Monday, December 28, 2015

10 Things Your Child's Teacher Wants You To Know


Like every teacher on Christmas break, I am enjoying my time at home with my family.  That doesn't stop me from thinking about my "other" 22 kids who are hopefully enjoying their time at home too!  I hope they all had a wonderful Christmas and come back refreshed and ready to learn!  As I was thinking of them, I came up with 10 things that I would love to share with parents.  Here goes:

10 Things Your Child's Teacher Wants You To Know:
1.  I spend a lot of time with your child. I care about them and I worry about them when they struggle, when they are out sick or when they are unhappy.
2. Your child needs you to be proud of them.  Tell them often.
3.  They need to tell you about their day even if they don't realize that they need to tell you about their day.  Ask them.
4.  I give lots of hugs every day but they need more hugs from you when they get home.  Hug them.  Often.
5.  They feel proud when they bring snack to school to share with the class, or Kleenex or pencils or cookies.
6.  They love for you to come eat lunch with them.
7.  I want them to be successful academically.  I love it when they "get it!"
8. Reading with and to your child every night is one of the most important things that you can do with your matter how "old" they think they are!
9.  Please don't send them to school if they are sick.  I try to take care of them but I'm not Mom or Dad.  They need to cuddle with you!
10.  After spending an entire school year with a class, I think of them as My Kids, and I will always think of them as My Kids!  Thanks for sharing them with me!  They are amazing!
So, let's rest, relax and recharge.  We only have a few more months in this school year to prepare our students for the next grade!  Buckle Up!  Here we go!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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